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Technology improves how we deliver services for patients and staff. We are supporting healthcare to improve health and wellbeing through technology.

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What we do

Through our digital health and wellbeing platforms we educate and empower people to take control of their life, whilst supporting healthcare professionals to monitor their progress

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How we do it

We use our technology to enhance and improve the services we provide. Technology further enables healthcare to be delivered in the right place, at the right time, every time.

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Our impact

Through our technology, we are able to improve the care people receive. We are supporting people to succeed in living a healthy lifestyle that is driven by our technology.

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LincUs Health and Wellbeing

LincUs is a digital, personal health and wellbeing record management platform that supports people to manage and monitor their own health and wellbeing. This includes: monitoring any physical and mental symptoms they have, how active they are, and the lifestyle they lead. When people share information with LincUs, they receive personalised advice which supports their individual health and wellbeing needs.

LincUs is multifunctional in it’s design and can be used to assist across a variety of healthcare settings. The platform is already in use across maternity, learning disabilities, homelessness, diabetes, multiple-sclerosis and can be personalised on a need-to-need basis. 

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Helping happier pregnancies

LincUs Maternity is a connected maternity personal health record (PHR) for use by expectant women and those in their circle of care. LincUs Maternity can be integrated into your existing record system. We have developed a digitally integrated maternity system can save up to 25% of total delivery costs, improve clinical outcomes and release at least 2.5% in case annually.


  • All information in one place
  • Improved safety and better communication
  • Reduced care recording time
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