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Will the same clinical services be available as before?

Yes, the same services and clinics that existed in the old buildings will be available in the new building, plus more!

The new building will house Aspull Surgery GP Practice and Aspull Clinic’s community services (delivered by Wrightington, Wigan and Leigh Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust).

There will be a Pharmacy service in the building and access for Police Community Support Officers and North West Ambulance Service, as well as other community services to drop-in to use the facilities 24/7. This includes those who are part of the local Service Delivery Footprint, such as Social Services and the NHS, who will have a space to work together to share information about the community they serve. There will be a large room, which can be split into two for local community groups to use free of charge.

Which services or organisations will be in the new building?

A range of health services will be available which may include:

  • Podiatry Services
  • Cardiac Support Services
  • Children’s Services, including a Baby Clinic
  • Dieticians
  • Ear and Eye Care Services
  • Midwives
  • District Nurses Clinics
  • Speech and Language Therapy
  • Counselling
  • Physiotherapy

Will I need to re-register to be a patient at Aspull Surgery when they move to the new building?

No – if you are already registered as a patient with Aspull Surgery, you won’t need to register again if they move to the new building.

Will there be extra car parking space?

Yes, the new site will have more car parking spaces than before.

I like to travel on my bicycle. Will there be somewhere safe for me to leave it when I visit my doctor?

Yes, we have designed a safe and secure bicycle storage locker area on site, so people travelling by bicycle can have somewhere secure to store their bicycle when visiting the building.

What will the outdoor space look like?

We will preserve greenery with a space for a community orchard. This can be used by people and community groups to connect through gardening and growing local produce.

Will it be the same Aspull Surgery team?

Yes, the team will be the same when we move across into the new building.

Will the opening times of Aspull Surgery remain the same?

Yes, the opening times will remain the same for Aspull Surgery.

Will we continue to book GP appointments in the same way?

Yes, there are no plans to change how GP appointments are booked at Aspull Surgery, and we will continue to use the AskMyGP system.

Will there be any other changes to Aspull Surgery?

Yes, moving forward we are intending to provide training placements for medical students and junior doctors.

How long will it take to complete the new building?

We expect that the build will take about 12 months to complete, and can hopefully begin by autumn 2021, depending on planning approval.

Who are OneMedical Property and OneMedical Group

OneMedical Property is the founding arm of OneMedical Group and is a long-standing specialist in designing, investing, managing, and developing healthcare properties. Since 2004, OneMedical Property has been building a better future for healthcare by creating innovative, patient-focused buildings and related premises solutions throughout the UK.

OneMedical Group is a family-owned organisation founded in Yorkshire. From its initial beginnings in healthcare property development, the team’s expertise broadened to delivering better healthcare and wellbeing in NHS Primary and Urgent Care Services in the U.K. and consultancy and technology services.

Are OneMedical Group based in the UK?

The Group is and will remain a UK-owned and operated organisation, who do not and have never banked overseas. We have no external shareholders, and our focus is on reinvesting in our local communities, including with the OMG Foundation, which is the charity arm of OneMedical Group.

We currently deliver NHS Urgent Care in Sheffield, Derby, Corby, Leeds and Bracknell, alongside NHS Primary Care at GP practices in Milton Keynes, Leeds and Derby. Our support centre is based at Bank Top Farm, near Leeds. We’re delivering property solutions and medical centres in South Yorkshire, the North West, London and the South East and the Midlands.

Our Group mission of ‘Improving lives’ underpins everything we do. OneMedical Group’s values are ‘Working Together’, ‘Putting People First’ and ‘A Better Future’.