Aspull Health and Wellbeing Centre

Tour the new Centre

The video shows where the entrances and access routes are, as well as key design features. You can also read about these in the list below, which references when in the video each feature is shown.

  • Time 0:00 – This is the view of the centre from the car park, showing the Aspull Health and Wellbeing Centre’s accessible entrances and integrated landscaping
  • Time 0:14 – This view is showing the new access route from the village green and pharmacy entrance
  • Time 0:40 – Here you can see the main entrance and reception area, alongside the enhanced existing pedestrian route from Haigh Road towards the library
  • Time 0:49 – This door will be the ‘out of hours’ access to Wrightington, Wigan and Leigh Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust (WWL) facilities and the Group Room serving the community
  • Time 1:04 – These are the passive solar design measures applied to building elevations to reduce solar gains and glare
  • Time 1:54 – Here you can see the signature design element, which focuses on the wellbeing of colleagues working in the Centre, with staff room overlooking the green
  • Time 2:00 – This will be the new community orchard, which will bring with it opportunities for the promotion of health and wellbeing education, as well as practical activity and engagement with the community
  • Time 2:18 – This demonstrates where careful design consideration has been taken to ensure easy accessible access from the existing pedestrian routes
  • Time 2:23 – This will be the Pharmacy secondary entrance and main frontage onto the green
  • Time 2:39 – Existing access to rear of shops will be enhanced with a new dedicated route, which you can see here.