Which services or organisations will be in the new building?

A range of health services will be available, which include:

• Asthma Clinics
• Diagnostic Spirometry
• COPD Reviews
• Diabetic Clinics
• Heart Failure Reviews
• Mental Health Reviews
• Smear Clinics
• Baby Immunisation Clinics
• Six-Week Baby Checks
• Travel Clinics
• Adult Phlebotomy
• Paediatric Phlebotomy
• ECGs
• Wound Care
• Flu Clinics
• NHS Health Checks
• Ear Micro-suction/Specialist GPSI ENT Clinic
• Learning Disability Clinics
• Paediatric GPSI Clinic/Skills
• Minor Surgery
• Anticoagulation Initiation and Monitoring
• Coils and Implants
• Insulin Initiation

Has the public engagement consultation date been extended?

Communicating about the scheme with as many people as possible in the community was, and is, our priority. Therefore, we have expressly asked the planners to extend the deadline to get more views and feedback. We will continue to listen and enable more opportunities for patients, residents and local community groups to input their feedback to ensure we address all recommendations. The extension has been granted, and the deadline for responses is now 9 November, as confirmed by the Ealing Council’s Planning Team. Please raise any questions and comments through our feedback channels.

What are the new proposed site plans, and what main changes do they entail?

Together with our architect, we reviewed the designs to align with the feedback received where appropriate and/or feasible. We’ve organised consultation meetings, both in-person and online. We’ve listened and tweaked site proposal designs concerning the overall reduction in the area of the building. Main changes refer to the mass and the bulk of the building, which has come down significantly without impacting the extensive benefits of the development. We’ve looked at lighter colours and added climbing plants and green walls to ensure the development enhances the surrounding landscape. Alongside the overall reduction in area, we addressed other specific sizes and decorative elements of the building following positive feedback and recommendation from the Ealing Planning committee.

Has anything extra been considered as part of the building designs?

Yes: wellbeing and inclusivity are key components of the designs for the new Health and Wellbeing Centre. As part of BREEAM ‘Excellent’ rating, the building will have the highest sustainability standards. The size of the building has been designed to be sensitive to the look and feel of the local area, while still meeting the healthcare needs of the local community.

Where can I see the new planning submission?

Please check the latest development and design plans details here on our dedicated microsite and the Ealing Council site for the planning application.

What is the date for the Ealing Planning Committee meeting for the scheme?

The Planning Committee meeting will take place on 17 November.

Will the new centre and staff be able to serve more than 10.000 patients, and how?

Corfton Road Surgery will merge with Gordon House Surgery to broaden and strengthen the range of clinical skills and services offered to patients in central Ealing.

The new building will increase the clinical space available for the delivery of services and allow patients to be seen in the most appropriate setting to address their needs. The scheme will allow both sites to practice more effectively, benefit both existing and future patients, reduce waiting times, and improve access to care in the local community.

The Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) have been working alongside the practice for ten years to find a site in order to expand Corfton Road Surgery. There are no other suitable premises within the catchment area and no other GP groups able to absorb a nearly 9,000 patient list size practice. The CCG continue to support the development and service ambitions of the healthcare scheme to improve people’s lives.

Will the same medical staff be available at Corfton Road?

Yes, the same doctors and nurses staff will continue serving its patients and neighbourhood residents who rely on its services. However, the new building will also allow the team to practice more efficiently. Some of Gordon House Surgery’s staff may work at Corfton Road for part of the week in order to maximise space between the two sites.

Where will Corfton Road Surgery go during the build?

The Surgery will move to a nearby site within walking distance. There will be no interruption to the services you access as a patient at the Surgery during the building process – you’ll still be able to see the team at the Surgery as normal.

Will online consultations still be available?

Yes, we will provide both online and face-to-face consultations depending on the needs and preferences of our patients.

Will the same clinical services be available as before?

Yes, the same services and clinics that existed in the old surgery building will be available in the new building, plus more! The new building will bring together Corfton Road Surgery and Gordon House Surgery. This means the Health and Wellbeing Centre will provide a wider range of clinical skills and services to patients in central Ealing. This will benefit both existing patients and those who join the practice in future.
There will also be space for local community groups to use free of charge.

Will I need to re-register to be a patient at Corfton Road Surgery when they move to the new building?

No – if you are already registered as a patient with Corfton Road Surgery, you won’t need to register again when they move to the new building as Corfton Road Health and Wellbeing Centre.

Will the opening times of Corfton Road Surgery remain the same?

Yes, the opening times will remain the same.

Will we continue to book GP appointments in the same way?

Yes, there are no plans to change how GP appointments are booked at Corfton Road Surgery.

Will there be large increases in car traffic due to the expansion?

Following the local and national strategy, the development will utilise sustainable measures to support staff and visitor access with minimum disruptions. Most patients live within walking distance or use public transport (bus stands on Green and Broadway to all-over London). Our surveys indicated that the impact of cars from the development would be no more than an additional three trips every 10 minutes. In addition, cycling facilities will be available on-site for visitors and staff. The Gordon House Surgery will still be open to serving patients and supporting the patient list transfer from one practice to another.

Will there be extra car parking spaces at the Health and Wellbeing Centre?

The building designs aim to meet sustainability credentials, which means car parking spaces for the Surgery will remain at the same number they are now, in the heart of the community, to make sure the Surgery is as accessible as it has always been.

I like to travel on my bicycle. Will there be somewhere safe for me to leave it when I visit my doctor?

Yes, we have designed a bicycle storage locker area on site, so people travelling by bicycle can have somewhere to store their bicycle when visiting the building.

How did you previously engage with the residents? 

We have been working with the developer to share updates on the project via patient text messages and the Virtual Patient Participation Group Meeting. In addition, posters displayed in the surgery explain the project, and communications packs with information on the scheme circulated to all local councillors, media, and community groups.

On Tuesday, 5 October, along with the practice and architect team, we held online presentation events for patients, residents, and community members to listen to everyone’s most recent feedback and update all involved on the current redevelopment progress. Please find the video recording here.

What are the timelines for the build?

Our anticipated start date on site is Spring 2022. The building period will last for about one year – until Spring/Summer 2023.

Will there be any other changes to Corfton Road Surgery?

Corfton Road Surgery is always evolving, and is part of a very active network of GP practices (‘The Ealing Network’). They are constantly trying to deliver innovative services to patients. They may participate in network-delivered services (e.g. specialist clinics) within the new building in future. This will benefit all local patients – not just patients registered at Corfton Road.

How can I be added to the mailing list for development updates?

We encourage everyone interested to be part of the development process to share an email address using the Feedback form or get in contact with us at: feedback@onemedicalgroup.co.uk.

We will continue to update the microsite with further news articles on how the scheme develops on the FAQ page.

How can I support the practice and the project from now on?

To ensure our General Practice will continue to provide NHS services to all local people, the medical staff need and appreciate your continued support in achieving a favourable outcome to the planning application. We have approached all other potential alternatives, and the proposed redevelopment scheme for a new futureproof facility building is essential for us to make sure we can continue to serve our patients within Corfton Road Surgery.

We welcome feedback on the project and wish to continue working with the local community to ensure a successful outcome for all.

Who are OneMedical Property and OneMedical Group

OneMedical Property is the founding arm of OneMedical Group and is a long-standing specialist in designing, investing, managing, and developing healthcare properties. Since 2004, OneMedical Property has been building a better future for healthcare by creating innovative, patient-focused buildings and related premises solutions throughout the UK. We are experienced healthcare landlords who work with GP partners using our extensive knowledge of NHS care delivery to make sure each of the buildings reflects and responds to the local population’s health and social care needs.

OneMedical Group is a family-owned organisation founded in Yorkshire. From its initial beginnings in healthcare property development, the team’s expertise broadened to delivering better healthcare and wellbeing in NHS Primary and Urgent Care Services in the U.K. and consultancy and technology services.

Are OneMedical Group based in the UK?

The Group is and will remain a UK-owned and operated organisation, who do not and have never banked overseas. We have no external shareholders, and our focus is on reinvesting in our local communities, including with the OMG Foundation, which is the charity arm of OneMedical Group.

We currently deliver NHS Urgent Care in Sheffield, Derby, Corby, Leeds and Bracknell, alongside NHS Primary Care at GP practices in Milton Keynes, Leeds and Derby. Our support centre is based at Bank Top Farm, near Leeds. We’re delivering property solutions and medical centres in South Yorkshire, the North West, London and the South East and the Midlands.

Our Group mission of ‘Improving lives’ underpins everything we do. OneMedical Group’s values are ‘Working Together’, ‘Putting People First’ and ‘A Better Future’.

Who will be the landlord of Corfton Road Health and Wellbeing Centre?

The development will be funded and owned by the experienced healthcare developer OneMedical Property, who will then lease the facility primarily to merged Corfton Road Surgery and the Gordon House Practice as the main occupiers of the development over a long-term lease period. We are experienced healthcare landlords who work with GP partners using our experience of NHS care delivery to make sure each of our buildings reflects and responds to the health and social care needs of the local population.

Watch the August 2021 Residents’ Meeting: