Speak Up Month

This month is national Speak Up month which gives us all a chance to remind ourselves of the importance of working in an open, transparent and compassionate workplace. As a Leadership Group, our Board and Senior Team are committed to ensuring we have the right safety-focused culture, and creating psychological safety is in place for all.

Dr William Dawson, OneMedical Group’s CEO, said, ‘We started this month by undertaking a Patient Safety and Quality ‘self assessment’ which will lead to an action plan for how we improve over the next year. Being able to raise safety concerns is a core part of how we create safety through learning, something our senior team will be promoting over the next few weeks and months.’

As part of this work, OneMedical Group is committed to updating our Freedom to Speak Up guidance and making it easier to raise concerns throughout the company, and importantly making sure so everyone feels comfortable doing so.

Our Freedom to Speak Up Guardians have all undergone training with the National Guardian’s Office. Dr Dawson says, ‘This is a great resource. I will be asking all of the Senior Team to undertake the training and make a Speak Up Pledge and I would other leaders to do the same. The resources provided by the National Guardian’s Office can help us all to create a more open and supportive culture for everyone.’