Our impact

What we do

We have been providing primary care services for over 16 years, introducing many innovative models of care, technology, and the development of multi-specialty primary care. Our services are patient focused and we ensure the experience of care that people receive is excellent. This is across all of our nationwide NHS primary, community and urgent care services. We provide the right care when people need it, focussing on getting people to be well and stay well. We focus on proactive care and health creation, empowering people to live their best possible lives.

We want to be a sustainable provider of health and wellbeing services. This is underpinned by a desire to help primary care thrive, to provide the best care for our communities, and be the best place to work in healthcare. We believe in care equity across all of our services and we are working to end health inequality. We are passionate in our belief that by empowering and educating people about health and wellbeing, we can support them to take control of their health. This is vital to the long-term future of healthcare in the UK.

How we do it

We are an NHS service provider, delivering innovative and sustainable care for all. By working with other healthcare providers across primary, community and urgent  care we are helping to deliver the ambitions outlined in the NHS Long Term Plan: a service that is fit for the future. 

With a focus on great patient experience, we provide the right high quality care, when it is needed, anytime, and anywhere. We are helping people to get well, stay well, and live well. By supporting people living with illness, long term conditions, complex health needs, or the most vulnerable, our highly skilled professionals assess, diagnose, and treat people effectively. 

To improve health and wellbeing, we educate and empower people on managing their health. This includes promoting healthy lifestyles, supporting the social determinants of health, and fostering a sense of community. Care continuity provides a platform to deliver the right care, at the right time, first time. We believe that by working together, we will be able to provide a better future that puts people first. 

Our Impact

As a Group, we provide patients with the highest standards of health and wellbeing care. Working across our different regions we are committed to helping people get well and stay well. By understanding the communities we work within, we tackle challenges to health to improve the care we give. We want to continue offering better care for everyone which is delivered in the best possible way. 

Through innovative ways of working we are able to help relieve pressure from NHS services across our local systems. This includes: our Wellness Hubs, a multidisciplinary team approach, and our digital offering. We design our services to respond to the needs of our communities. This enables us to deliver care with a focus on health and wellbeing, helping people to get well, stay well, and live well. As a Group everything we do is to accomplish our vision of ‘Improving Lives’.