About Consultancy

What we do

Our team are leading on system development and transformation. We offer strategic system consultancy and support organisations to work more closely, pooling together knowledge and resources.

Using industry experience and expertise from across OneMedical Group, we work with our clients to understand their needs and deliver transformational work. Our clients include individual practices, providers at scale, federations, primary care networks, integrated care partnerships, CCGs, trusts, and voluntary sector organisations.

Our network of professionals are ready to help you design, deliver and lead change. This ranges from small level project management, to system level change and transformation. Our tailor-made team can support you every step of the way.

How we do it

Our consultants deliver creative facilitation, working with teams from diverse backgrounds, including those in senior positions, to achieve agreed objectives. Offering a combination of on-site support and remote assistance using our video platform or teleconferencing, our network of Primary Care Consultants will be on hand to support you when you need them.

As well as being experienced healthcare leaders, our team are specialists in: 

  • Organisational development
  • Human resources
  • Mediation
  • Project management. 

This makes them perfect facilitators to assist you in delivering the Network DES.

We will help you to develop a shared vision, identify the benefits of collaborative working for your locality and help you to overcome differences, reaching a consensus to drive forward outcomes as a network.

We have been working with Primary Care Network’s across the North of England, helping to develop membership structures, risk registers, action plans and funding streams. We facilitate early meetings, bringing together practices, and we lead meaningful discussions to deliver key outcomes.

Our impact

We positively influence system collaboration.

Working with us will help to enable sustainable change across healthcare systems. We are well placed to help reduce inefficiencies and support with staffing models. This enables our clients to review the efficiencies of their services and build on what’s already in place. 

As an experienced provider of primary care services, we are uniquely placed to understand the challenges of delivering care. We have first hand experience working with contractual requirements and how to navigate healthcare systems. By working in collaboration we are able to support our clients to deliver their ambitions.

Collaboration is about working together now, to prepare for the future. Together, we can achieve extraordinary outcomes.