Our Vision

To ‘Improve Lives for All’ We are continuously developing, growing and learning as an organisation about how we can carry on providing excellent care to our patients.

Our Mission

To be the nation’s leading health and wellbeing provider. We do this through building health communities and spaces, collaboration and consultancy, technology innovation and high quality care. As a company everything we do is to accomplish our vision of improving lives for all.

Our Values
Putting people first

We care about everyone’s wellbeing and believe in putting people first. At the heart of the NHS, are our patients and our communities. Staff wellbeing is equally important, so in 2019 we launched our first ever Wellbeing at Work Strategy, recognising that improved wellbeing support brings greater joy at work, protects from burnout and increases patient safety, patient experience and quality of care.

Working together

OneMedicalGroup was founded on the idea that, together we can do so much more to improve the lives of everyone. We value diversity of thought and ideas. We believe that through greater collaboration with partners across the health system, we can deliver better care for our patients. We work together and value our colleagues and friends within our “flock”.

Better future

By putting people first and working together we can enable a better future for our patients. By really understanding the people in our communities, we can deliver better care. We are innovative in how we work which in turn relieves pressures from the NHS. All of this effectively helps people to lead healthier lives.