Career Journey Spotlight: meet Dr Nazir

Nazir is a GP and Learning and Development Lead at Corby Urgent Care Centre (CUCC)

At OneMedical Group, we support our team members with training opportunities and encourage them to pursue career journeys that best fit their unique skills, interests and aspirations.

In our Career Spotlight series, you can read about the rewarding careers and achievements of the people who work here, and how we help them develop to do their best work. Find out what they do in their day-to-day role, how working for OneMedical Group has shaped their career and the positive impact they have on their local communities.

This time, we caught up with Nazir to discover how he chose the path he is on today.

In June 2022, Nazir attended the Covid-19-delayed graduation ceremony for his Diploma in Urgent Medical Care at the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh. This Level 7 diploma is designed to test the knowledge, skills, and behaviours of multi-disciplinary urgent medical care practitioners. OneMedical Group supported Nazir to complete this diploma with study leave and reimbursement of funds.

Nazir uses knowledge from this diploma every day at CUCC to provide excellent care to his patients, with a deep understanding of how urgent care functions and pathways to other local services.

Tell us about your background and experience.

I was a trainee surgeon in London for about three years, and then I entered clinical radiology training. I found that I missed working directly with patients, so I became an emergency doctor.

I did about 18 months with Médecins Sans Frontières in Africa and Asia, doing emergency relief work and paediatric vaccination programmes, amongst other things.

When I returned to London 15 years ago, I finished my GP training and worked as a partner for a very short period, but I realised that it wasn’t what I wanted. I decided that Urgent Care was the place for me, because all my skills would be used: emergency, surgery, and general practice.

What interests you about Urgent Care?

I love that in urgent care you see all ages, all genders, and people from a range of cultures. You never know what a shift will hold and you really feel like you’re making a difference. unwell with immediate needs.

I was keen to get something that consolidated all that learning and experience and showed that I specialised in that area. Dr Will Dawson, CEO, was very supportive, and became the key driver for me doing the Diploma in Urgent Medical Care. I’m really grateful to him and my other colleagues for the support and motivation they gave me.

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