One Medical Group

Improving lives – Digital Brochure 2021

Welcome to OneMedical Group

We are a national health and wellbeing provider, delivering services within the NHS. We provide urgent, primary and community care services alongside supporting the NHS and business with wellbeing, technology, healthcare estate investment and development solutions and consultancy.

OneMedical Group was founded in 2004 on the idea that there is a better way to care for communities. Our mission of Improving Lives is underpinned by our core values of ‘Putting People First, Working Together for a Better Future’. We are passionate about ending health inequalities and use data to drive our models of care and estates solutions.

Our purpose

We exist because…

  • We want to improve health and wellbeing for everyone and end health inequality
  • We want to better understand the challenges our communities face so we can improve the care we give
  • We want to lead healthcare transformation in the UK to a future of better care for everyone, delivered in the best possible way
  • We want our people to love the work they do

What do we do?

Through our five different divisions we offer a unique combination
of solutions that wrap around the patient to help improve their
health and wellbeing.

  • Delivering NHS primary care, urgent care and community services (OnePrimaryCare)
  • Consultancy, facilitation, support and training (OneMedical Collaborate)
  • Technology solutions to support improving health and wellbeing (OneMedical Innovate)
  • Providing in-person, on-demand and corporate wellbeing services (OneWellness)
  • Healthcare estate design, investment, management and development (OneMedical Property)

Improving lives

We are an experienced primary and urgent care provider, with services throughout the UK. We believe in delivering services that are improving health and wellbeing of individuals and communities, and ensuring primary care, as the foundation of the NHS, can thrive. Our focus is delivering evidence based services that help individuals and families adopt and sustain healthy behaviours that improve health and quality of life and lead to better health outcomes for our patients.

Our innovative care models deliver the right care at the right time, challenge health inequalities, deliver effective care to those living with chronic disease, and promote better health and wellbeing for everyone. Our services are made up of innovative GP led multi-specialty teams that ensure we practice safely and effectively, creating a positive and rewarding workplace environment for staff and high quality experience for patients.

OneMedical Collaborate

We support the delivery of care by providing bespoke consultancy, as well as mandatory, leadership and management training to staff working in health and social care systems.

We offer a wide range of facilitation, support and consultancy services across the UK – specialising in the development of Primary Care Networks (PCNs). Our Data Analytics team provide valuable insight into healthcare services, working with PCNs to provide performance dashboard and population health management tools.

Through a variety of training and consultancy methods we help to develop highly skilled, confident and capable workforces, ready to meet today’s workplace challenges head on.

One Wellness

With our roots in healthcare, our mission is to support you, your workforce and community.

Our experts look to improve the wellbeing of individuals, workforces and communities delivered across three complimentary offers:

OneWellness Corporate – Strategies built around the needs of people and business, wellbeing measurement, insight, strategy creation and delivery.
OneWellness Online – Find the right fit for you via on demand health and wellbeing services.
OneWellness Clubs – Be fit for life, a unique approach to fitness and wellbeing at our flagship centre in Harrogate.


OneMedical Innovate

We support the management and improvement of individual and population level health, through innovative technologies. Co-designing and delivering solutions, our award-winning team and approach is valued and recognised. Our partners include central and local government, NHS, charities, and academia.

We have expertise in development, strategic analytics & informatics, data visualisation through our proprietary tools and methodology and the development of patient centred apps & tools which enable individual’s to live their healthiest lives.


OneMedical Property

We have been providing strategic estates support to Primary Care and Healthcare providers since 2004. Encompassing equity release (sale and leaseback), capital investment, remodelling and new build (3PD), healthcare facilities management, asset management and data led advisory services such as health planning which then shapes estates requirements and related solutions.

Through an innovative, patient centred approach we have developed, owned and looked after over 100,000m2 of healthcare property and understand the challenges and opportunities that face primary care delivery and how estates can be a key part of solving those challenges.