NHS Confederation's Logo for their Inclusive Leadership Pledge

Inclusive Leadership Pledge

We’ve signed the NHS Confederation Inclusive Leadership Pledge! 

Our Leadership Team have been signing the NHS Confederation’s Inclusive Leadership Pledge to show their commitment to maintaining inclusive workplaces, policies, and procedures, across the whole of OneMedical Group. The Pledge, which comes with ‘nine behaviours for modelling inclusive leadership’ helps leaders to understand where they can improve and gives them the framework to develop. It also showcases to employees the assurances their employer is looking to make to ensure everyone is treated equally, inclusively, and with respect. You can sign the pledge here.


Aisha Munir, Head of Employee Experience writes:

As an inclusive leader I recognise that the differences our people bring to the workplace are our strength. It allows us to see the world we work in through different lenses and enables us to cultivate rich diverse philosophies.

Enabling our workforce to be the best version of themselves in work means harnessing an environment and culture that empowers them to thrive and showcase their uniqueness. We have a duty to ensure all voices, loud or quiet, are heard equally and all opinions and perspectives are respected.  

As an inclusive leader I am passionate about raising awareness and educating our workforce on the unconscious biases we all have within us so that we can collaboratively break down barriers that restrict our people. To do this we must promote a workplace where we all feel safe to speak out and challenge inequality or push the standards of equitable practices. This in turn will fosters a happy and healthy workforce who feel valued, engaged and included.