OMG Foundation

As we celebrate working with and in the NHS since 2004, we have gained a wealth of knowledge,  expertise and experience of creating, building and delivering healthcare services, working with local communities and collaborating with partners.

The OMG Foundation, underpinned by our CSR Policy, is how we are playing our part in meeting the challenges that face healthcare and local communities over the next 15 years. In the midst of COVID-19 this is an important time, now more than ever, to be supporting the local communities we work within. We want to deliver our mission of Improving lives by working collaboratively to end health inequality across the UK.

This Foundation brings together our passion of supporting our local communities, ending health inequalities and developing business innovation.


Our OMG Foundation, is the charitable part of OneMedical Group supporting the communities we operate within.

The first two years we will focus on the following main areas:

  • Supporting our local communities and local causes – Year 1
  • Collaboration with health, care and business to end health inequality – Year 2

We are a responsible organisation ensuring our services provide significant social value in their community. This could be through donating to local causes such as William Merritt Disabled Living Centre or to Corby Rise Homeless charity, it could be through supporting a local project with skills or time from our people within one of our services.

We want to collaborate to bring health, care and business together to end health inequalities. The Key Principles of our programme are that our teams are leading the way to support groups and good causes or develop ideas to support their local community. We have 15 nominated charities and local projects we are working with in 2021. We are supporting them in a number of ways:

  • Time – volunteers from the local service
  • Skills sharing – undertaking a piece of work using skills from our teams e.g. data analytics
  • Grants – supporting with small pots of funding to run specific projects that contribute to improving health and wellbeing and ending health inequalities.