PATCHS: A new interface for healthcare

OneMedicare will be rolling our PATCHS across all our primary care services at the beginning of next month. As part of our commitment to increase how patients can access our services, particularly giving them more digital ‘self-service’ opportunities, PATCHS will enable more people to access the care they personally need and quicker. PATCHS will also increase signposting opportunities where patients are able to access care and e-triage which can get them seen quicker, nearer to home, and by the right person that’s right for them. As a data-driven, people-first business, PATCHS enables us to reach further into our communities and understand more about what they need, where and why we can help them.

You can learn more about PATCHS, what it is, and what it does, from their video here. We will be offering support to all our patients as part of the roll out.