#We’reListening: Response to the Lucy Letby Trial

Here at OneMedical Group, we have been taking time to reflect on the findings in the Lucy Letby Trial. Our thoughts are with everyone directly affected by it, and those it has impacted. Our doors are open for patients needing wellbeing assistance whilst the matter is gaining so much coverage in the Media.

As an organisation, we have strong processes and procedures in place to enable patients, colleagues, clients, and others to feedback to us, providing us with ways to assess our ways of working and make improvements wherever possible. As with every company, we are always learning and with the blow of findings in the Lucy Letby Trial all of us that provide care on behalf of the NHS must now sit back down and review  processes and procedures for ‘speaking up’, ‘whistleblowing’ and contacting us with feedback in general.

We’re a people-led business and the Board of Directors are committed to ensuring that all our people know that they can raise any causes for concern, and that they have the freedom, tools, and access to do that. As part of our response, we will be starting an internal and external #We’reListening campaign to promote why and how to ‘speak up’ to all our stakeholders.