World Menopause Day: Making patient contact count

Written by Rachel Price (Practice Nurse) & Rosie Barton (Wellbeing Advisor) at Whitehouse Surgery

At Whitehouse Surgery we are proud to run a Cervical Screening awareness project. This has proved successful for encouraging women to attend their smear and having a conversation about why the procedure is so important.

This project has focused on delivering a personalised care approach to our patients. Conversations with patients have not been limited to cervical screening, patients have been given the opportunity to talk about other aspects of their lives, which they may never have had the opportunity to talk about. This often leads to questions regarding perimenopause and menopause. It is an important chance for the clinician to treat the patient holistically by looking at various treatment options which should always include the promotion of a healthy lifestyle.

Shared care between clinical and wellbeing staff offers the best outcome for the patient by following the NICE guidelines (2015) surrounding menopause treatment options. It is especially important that we monitor for long term health implications of the menopause, these being osteoporosis
and cardiovascular disease. In addition, it is important that we support our patients to manage the symptoms of perimenopause and menopause. To achieve this, we hope in the new year to provide a patient information/support group for any patients that would like to attend.

For more support and/or information on menopause please contact your GP surgery, in addition please find below some useful links:

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