Men’s Health Week

International Men’s Health Week takes place between the 12th and 18th June. Men’s Health Forum have created a useful guide, what they call a diy dashboard, to help educate those of us who either struggle to engage with or are under-represented in today’s media coverage of health topics. With the likes of Gwyneth Paltrow taking the lead on the look and feel of trendy health sites like Goop, it’s no wonder that some people have chosen that it’s just not for them.

But still some people don’t appreciate that they need to watch their waist size, keep a track on their blood pressure, and that two spoonfuls of sugar in their daily six full-fat milk coffees isn’t doing them any favours at all. We’ve still some way to go in the UK to get people to fully understand how their bodies work, and how to look after them. Which is the great approach that Men’s Health Forum take, likening body maintenance to car maintenance: if you put petrol in a diesel tank, then it’s just not going to go. We all know someone who could do with the dashboard, you’ll find it here, so pop it on a WhatsApp message and send it to them during Men’s Health Week. It might just make them walk a little quicker past the chip shop next time!