The new Wellbeing Hub launched on 31 October 2022 to provide holistic, person-centred, compassionate care for all patients and a safe space for anyone who needs advice.


A highly skilled Wellbeing Advisor at Derby Urgent Treatment Centre will work with the clinical staff and support services in the area to meet people’s wellbeing goals and empower the community to address life’s challenges.

The Wellbeing Hub will provide a non-judgmental, open service accessible to everyone, ensuring that people struggling with low-level mental health can access appropriate support as early as possible in their treatment process.

As part of the service, patients will be able to receive support on many wellbeing issues and health and social concerns, including:

  • Bereavement, anxiety, depression, stress, work pressures, loneliness, and isolation;
  • Homelessness, housing vulnerabilities and access to food banks;
  • Low-level mental health concerns;
  • General wellbeing and lifestyle advice;
  • Guidance on accessing services in your area and accessing available benefits;
  • Signposting to local community groups for weight loss, smoking cessation, and drug, alcohol and gambling addictions.


Drop in at the Wellbing Hub for advice or guidance with anything that may be affecting your health and wellbeing


Livia Rodger, Service Manager at Derby Urgent Care Treatment, said: “The launch of the Wellbeing Hub is something we are very excited about. Only a minimal number of General Practices within the local areas offer a wellbeing support service, which often creates inequalities in accessing services. The new Wellbeing Hub at Derby Urgent Care Centre is open to everyone, providing access to vital support for our local communities in a new and accessible way.”

Gemma Collins, Wellbeing Advisor at Derby Urgent Care Treatment, said: “The Wellbeing Hub will make a huge difference to patient care here at Derby Urgent Care Centre. This will fill a gap within healthcare, offering a safe, relaxing, confidential space as a listening support and signposting service. It will catch those slipping through the net and struggling. It fully aligns with our mission to improve lives by working together and providing vital support to our community.”

James Beer, Head of Urgent Care at OneMedical Group, said: We are delighted to launch the new Wellbeing Hub at Derby Urgent Care Treatment. The service will make a difference for the local community by providing more complete support in addressing wider wellbeing needs and treating physical conditions.

OneMedical Group, which runs Derby Urgent Care Centre, have already delivered the widespread integration of Wellbeing Advisors into a number of primary and urgent care services throughout the country, with an ultimate aim of placing wellbeing services alongside ‘traditional’ health services to bridge the gaps often found in patient care. Our fully trained Wellbeing Advisors provide advice and support to those who require assistance with their mental health and are the lead figures on our outreach programmes into local communities.”

Berenice Groves, Joined Up Care Derbyshire’s lead for urgent and emergency care, said the new hub adds a valuable resource to the health and care system at an important time: “The launch of the Wellbeing Service Hub at Derby Urgent Treatment Centre will add important capacity to a key part of the health infrastructure for the city. By supporting and empowering the community to address life’s challenges and meet their wellbeing goals, the hub will help to ensure holistic, person-centred, compassionate care and advice for all patients. As we head into winter, it’s important that we utilise every tool at our disposal to care for the people of Derby and Derbyshire, and this is a valuable addition to our capacity to do just that.”

Please contact the Urgent Treatment Centre on 01332 224700 for more information, or drop in and visit the team at Derby Urgent Treatment Centre to understand the service better.